Thursday, June 21, 2012

Have You Ever Done Any Debugging?

A while ago I was contacted by a recruiter.  One of the screening questions was, "Have you ever done any debugging?"

Maybe there is some type of software development that I am not familiar with where you don't debug code.  In my definition of software development debugging is mostly the main job.  Not only are you debugging the code you write and the code others have written, but you also have to debug the users process and perceptions.

Even if you count out debugging the user, I can't imagine why someone would list debugging as a requirement for a software developer, since it is implied in the title.

I also find it somewhat ridiculous that one that is sent to find candidates for a programming job hasn't been trained enough to know that programmers debug by definition.  It makes the recruiter look less than competent.  It makes the recruiting company look bad.  It also makes the company that is looking for a programmer look like they don't have it together.  Quite likely the company looking to hire someone is perfectly fine, but the recruiter hasn't been trained properly to be able to find candidates.

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