Friday, February 19, 2010

Field Order TTX file fields Crystal Reports 9

I ran into a problem when I changed the order of the fields in the TTX file.  I was changing the order of the fields to try to get the verify database command in Crystal Reports 9 to recognize that I had changed the file.  At times it seems to take lots of monkeying around to get Crystal to wake up and see the changes.  I did not change the order of the fields in the recordset I was binding to the report.  Crystal ended up showing me the version of the report as it looks in preview mode with no data.  After a while of digging through my code and the report I happened to think about the messing with the TTX file I had done.  I made the field order in the file match the recordset and everything began to work again.

I realize I am using a very outdated version of Crystal Reports.  I hope this is something they have fixed in future versions.