Monday, March 26, 2012

SQL Server Acronyms

I have titled this post SQL Server Acronyms, but I think several of these acronyms refer to SQL in general and not a specific implementation like Microsoft SQL Server.

I had a job interview recently and the interviewer quized me on some SQL Server acronyms.  I was not as prepared as I should've been.  I had heard several of them, but not committed them to memory.  I write the code and don't always remember the catch phrases.

I have created a list below.  Some the interviewer asked about and some I came across as I was researching the others.

  • SRS/SSRS - SQL Reporting Services/SQL Server Reporting Services
    • I have seen this referred to as SRS in some places and SSRS in others.
    • It is a Microsoft reporting engine.
    • It competes with Crystal Reports and other reporting technologies.
    • The reports are defined with RDL - Report Definition Language.
  • SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services
    • Performs data migration tasks.
  • SSB - SQL Server Service Broker
    • Provides message queuing.
  • DTS - Data Transformation Services
    • Use to load, extract, and transform data in and out of a database.
  • DML - Data Manipulation Language
    • Things like Update, Insert, and Delete.
  • DDL - Data Definition Language
    • Things like Alter, Create, and Drop
  • DCL - Data Control Language
    • Things like Grant and Revoke statements
  • TCL - Transactional Control Language
    • Things like Commit and Rollback
  • DQL - Data Query Language
    • Some resources I have been reading say DQL is Select statements and others say Select is part of DML.

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